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Our Story

Simultem is a Finland-based startup, founded in 2019.

We want to help hospitality businesses to optimize their processes and to maximize their revenue through modern technology. Our scalable solutions are easily modified to anyone, regardless of the systems in use.


The story of Simultem began when Tom, our CEO, decided that it is time to shift from a corporate job to full-time entrepreneurship. Having expertise in data and technology, and after working years in one of the world’s largest OTAs, the vision was clear what he wanted to do: simplify digitalization and make it accessible for everyone and to allow businesses to reduce the amount of repetitive tasks that are being used to operate numerous systems separately. Tom gathered up a team with similar vision and vast variety of expertise, and Simultem was founded.


There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to digitalizing hospitality businesses. We believe that through automation and precise data-analysis we can provide value, optimize processes, and save enormous amounts of resources.


We support existing system providers by enhancing their products with additional features and software applications – most importantly to automate processes. At the same time we wanted to provide guidance and consultation directly to accommodation businesses so they can take advantage of the endless possibilities that lie within digitalization.


We are at the beginning of our story but one thing is certain: Simultem is set up for success and we hope to welcome you to join us and be part of the history of digitalization.


Let us help you #GetOffTheWheel,


Tom-Henrik Marttinen
Head Developer
Harri Nupponen

Our Creative Founders.

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